Tuesday 18 December 2012

Applied Arts Scotland seeks new Board Members.

Applied Arts Board members and their Advisory Board have been planning the next phase of AAS for 2013/14. Our first mission is to recruit a new Board as some Board members are standing down and we are seeking six more Board members to join us and are keen to see representation in additional disciplines and other geographical areas to ensure a true sectoral representation and cross section of contemporary craft practice in Scotland.The Board will decide the course of Applied Arts Scotland, informed by wider sector opinion, and will work in tandem with the Advisory Board, representing partner organisations, ambassadors and advocates. Below is an outline of our Mission Statement and of the expectations and role of a Board member. I hope the language does not put you off; we tried very heard to make it as accessible as possible whilst still maintaining the key points we want and need to put across as a charitable organisation, which is governed by OSCR

Mission Statement
Applied Arts Scotland was set up as a charity in 1994 to develop public appreciation of the applied arts in society for the benefit of the public in Scotland. The organisation seeks to meet this key objective by supporting the crafts people, designer makers and applied artists who work professionally in Scotland in the following keys ways
 • By having an organisation that is run by makers for makers in order to give an authentic, collective, professional voice to the needs, attitudes and aspirations of the sector in Scotland
 • By co-ordinating, co-operating and collaborating with a range of support organisations and statutory bodies who have an interest in and responsibility for the applied arts sector
 • By creating regular networking opportunities and conferences to allow makers to meet and exchange ideas
 • By supporting ongoing professional development in the sector by means of training and mentoring
 • By collecting and disseminating information on all matters in connection with applied arts in order to generate a bank of specific data for use in the support of the sector

 Criteria for Board Member Selection
 •In order to be eligible for Board appointment you must first have a standard membership agreed by the current Board. This is a separate application form, which must be completed at the time of application for Board appointment.
• Selection of Board members will be made by the current Applied Arts Scotland membership – the 3 existing Board members, in consultation with the Advisory Board.
• You must be a professional craft practitioner living or working in Scotland • You do not need to have any previous experience in running an arts organisation, but must have enthusiasm and a determination to work for the benefit of the Scottish craft sector
 •As the current Board are planning to have representation from as many disciplines and geographical areas of Scotland as possible, the final selection will be based on achieving a representative mix rather than reaching a predetermined quota of disciplines.
• On appointment all Board members will serve in their role until the next AGM when all Board Members shall retire from office - but shall then be eligible for re-election
• The post is not remunerated other than reasonable out of pocket expenses when undertaking organisational business that has been approved by the Board.

 Role and Responsibilities
 • Board Members will be expected to attend up to 4 meetings per annum either in person or by internet/conference call. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.
 • Board members are expected to undertake to promote and encourage membership of the organisation from their local craft community
• Board Members will be responsible for selecting members from applications received
• Board Members will be responsible for keeping an up to date register of all members.
• Board members are responsible for ensuring all organisational activity complies with its constitution and its charitable objects as approved by OSCR
• Board members must retire if they cease to become members of the organisation or become employees of the organisation.

Other Benefits
• You will help inform opinion, form strategy and develop opportunities for the Scottish craft sector
 • You will make key contacts within Scotland and the broader UK and International craft community
• You will gain valuable experience in managing an arts organisation with charitable status

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
We look forward to meeting the new Board in 2013.

Meanwhile rests me to wish you a delightful festive season and a great start to 2013.
With warm wishes,

 Inge Panneels

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