Monday 21 January 2013

Yesterday we met to select six makers from a strong list of thirteen submissions, each with impeccable credentials but could only opt in six so we spent a good few hours discussing the merits of each candidate and ensuring that the nine people selected not only represented a good calibre of maker, each excellent in their field but also represented all geographical areas of Scotland, covered all the demographics and a variety of experience as well as gender.

So the Board now consists of nine people, covering the subjects of glass, furniture making, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, guilding;
  1. Emma Blair, textiles, 7 years of trading, based in Shetland
  2. Joanne Garner, jewellery, 5 years of trading, based in Edinburgh
  3. Katy West, ceramics, 12 years of trading, based in Glasgow 
  4. Nancy Chinnery, gilder, 30 years of trading, based in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway
  5. Will Levi Marshall, ceramics, 20 years of trading, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway
  6. Patty Niemann, jewellery/glass, 12 years of trading, based in Lybster, Caithness
  7. Tom Hawson, furniture maker, 15 years of trading, based in Jedburgh, Scottish Borders
  8. Bryony Knox, silversmith, 13 years of trading, based in Edinburgh
  9. Inge Panneels, glass maker, 14 years of trading, based in Lilliesleaf, Scottish Borders

The nine makers gathered on the Board covers a great wealth of experience in terms of not just making, but marketing, networking, lecturing, publishing, curating, and Board experience and will be great platform from which to start the planning of the course of AAS and to develop the outline of events and activities with our key partners across Scotland. 

We have invited the other 7 makers who were not opted onto the Board, to join our network of Ambassadors, more of which later...

So thank you to all who took the time, and courage, to apply and we very much look forward to working with you all, in whatever capacity. 


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